10 methods to treat varicose veins

Varicose veins are ugly and painful ailments that be the cause of pain for many people around the globe. Many treatments are available to eliminate the veins that are ugly for people suffering from this problem. Every person will experience different outcomes in the quest for the relief needed for varicose veins. Additionally, the treatment options offered will differ based on the individual suffering from the condition.

In this article, we’ll give you seven typical and effective ways to treat this type of condition.

1) Sclerotherapy

This procedure requires injecting an abrasive chemical into the affected region. The tolerance irritates the vessel’s lining and also dissolves varicose veins. Sclerotherapy is usually used in conjunction with other treatments like hydrotherapy or infrared photocoagulation. It’s a highly effective method to relieve varicose veins. However, it may not be adequate for varicose or spider veins that are associated with a specific gene. In the end, since this procedure is well-known for its complex process it is a specialist who is the only person capable of suggesting and initiating the procedure.

2) Laser Therapy

The procedure involves the use of light energy to heal varicose veins. Laser energy is delivered to the body via the skin, and it dissolves the veins as it works towards the heart. Patients experience little discomfort during this treatment, however, some experience mild discomfort. The procedure is typically carried out on an outpatient basis and a local anesthetic can be administered before the procedure.

3) Vein ligation

It is a surgical procedure that is performed to eliminate these varicose veins. The surgeon makes a small cut on the leg that is affected. The vein is then cut, and then either stitched or cut off. The procedure will likely require hospitalization and may be followed by several days of pain medications.

4) Microscopic vein removal

The procedure is like vein ligation however, the instrument is smaller than usual. The procedure involves inserting the tool in the leg to be treated before slowly moving it outward. The patient will be required to remain in the hospital for around one week. The procedure can cause pain for certain people because of the presence of needles.

5) Vein Stripping

This procedure doesn’t require the use of a local anesthetic. Instead, general anesthesia is used to the vein, which is actually “stripped.” Patients rest for two to three days before any activities. While the vein is removed, blood flows through the process. This is an extremely effective procedure that is suitable to treat large varicose veins as well as vein insufficiency.

6)Laser vein removal

Similar to the earlier treatment that was described earlier, light is emitted through a laser and reaches the vein. The vein begins to shrink. Similar to the procedure before, there is a minimal amount of discomfort however, the patient might experience some bruises after the procedure. Because of this, the procedure is generally suggested for patients who can move around without difficulty and aren’t overweight. It is generally used for varicose veins that are more irregular and spider veins.

7) Sclerotherapy

This procedure is typically utilized for large varicose veins also known as spider veins. In this process, the chemical is injected into the vein. As the tolerance is absorbed through the body, it triggers the vessel, which causes the vein to contract and then shrink. The process is like laser therapy, however, it is less invasive than causes less discomfort and pain. But, there’s no time to rest after the treatment is completed, so patients can return to their normal lives as soon as after the procedure.

Home treatments

Another option for treatment is to ignore it. While this isn’t the best option for people suffering from chronic or severe varicose veins but most patients will see improvement with treatment at home. The most common treatments involve doing regular exercises and eating a balanced diet. A lot of times, patients can lessen the appearance of their varicose veins by simply adopting healthier habits. The treatments are becoming more popular as more and more people are starting to realize they can rid themselves of the veins that look ugly without having to undergo surgery.


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