15 ways dogs show you their love. Do you recognize them?

How can I understand if the dog loves me? How can I understand if the dog sees me as the leader of the pack? The problem lies in the fact that when we ask ourselves such a question, we reason in human and non-canine terms.

The love of dogs for humans cannot be understood in a human sense, we are talking about two different species, we should adapt the concept of human love by shaping it with the canine spirit. Also because very often we attribute to human gestures and postures a human meaning, when in reality they mean something quite different.

Not to mention, our dog can show his affection in different ways… maybe you don’t understand! He wants to tell you he’s happy, but you don’t know it! Here are 15 ways dogs show you their love.

1/ When your dog brings you his favorite game!

When your best friend brings you his favorite game, it not only means that he wants to play with you, but he hides a deeper meaning.

It is clear that this is an act of love in itself, but he considers you a natural leader and relies on you to play. In his eyes, you love this toy as much as he does, so he expects to share it with you.

2/ When he looks you in the eye

This may be the strongest gesture on the list. When a dog looks you intentionally in the eye, it is a gesture of clamourous affection: “When a dog looks you straight in the eye, it is as if he wants to hug you. It’s our embrace between humans.”

Several studies have shown that when your dog stares at you while you play together or cuddle it, oxytocin is released into your body, the same hormone that helps mothers to be affectionate with their children after birth. The gene of the disease in short.

3/ When you sleep in your room (on your bed)

To understand how much he loves you, you also need to take a look at where he sleeps. If your dog prefers the bed, attached to you, then there is no doubt, it is a real test of love (in addition to being significantly more comfortable).

If your furry companion wants to be near you at all costs, it’s because he knows you’re always ready to watch him at night. Animals feel vulnerable when they sleep, and putting their fate in your hands is an important sign of confidence.

4/ When he leans on you

Sometimes the dog “sticks” to his master because he is anxious and wants to be reassured or because he needs you for something. Often it is an important symbol of affection. This is proof that you think you’re here to protect him and keep him safe!

5/ When your dog licks your face

Your dog can understand whether you like it or not. If he tends to come to you whenever he can and wants to play with you all the time.

6/ When he moves his eyebrows

The maximum affection indicator is not the tail. These are your dog’s “facial” expressions. According to a Japanese study, dogs tend to move their left eyebrows more when confronted with something they like, whether their owner is a popular toy or not.

7/ When he wants to pick you up

If a dog comes to you to be pampered immediately after eating, it is an important sign of affection and it wants you close to it.

Everyone knows that the dog likes to eat completely… once the “natural” need is satisfied, he has all the possible choices before him: if you choose yourself, it is a sign of love!

8/ When you go out and he’s quiet

Yes, it is. Usually, most dogs can express a resounding sadness every time you leave the house without it.

But there’s one thing you don’t know: if your dog accepts that you’re about to leave the house, it’s a sign of deep love for you. This means that he has confidence and knows that you will come back to him.

9/ Welcomes you warmly as soon as you return!

There is not much to say here. Just hearing the sound of your car, your best friend starts to get excited. He can’t wait to see you again and welcome you home!

10/ When you yawn, when you yawn!

Yawns are contagious. You already know that. Your dog may also be influenced by the love of your person. A recent study confirmed that a human being yawns when he sees someone else yawning because he feels some empathy for him.

It’s hard to translate this theory, even on dogs, but why not believe it?

11/ When they follow you into the bathroom

If your puppy is one of those who follows you to the toilet, it means that he loves you and wants to protect you all the time.

This attribute is revealed when he sleeps at the door of your room or at the foot of the bed, because it is sure that you understand that you agree if something bad happens.

12/ Your dog hugs you very often

If you suddenly see that your puppy leans on your legs and stays on the ground rubbing his head against your own body, congratulations!

You received a hug from your best friend; your pet hopes that after this demonstration of love, you can give him some caresses and give him some of your attention.

13/ He feels guilty if you get angry

We have seen countless videos of repentant dogs putting a face on guilt every time they understand that they have done something that does not seem directly to their owners.

How can we not forgive them by using these adorable eyes?

14. Your dog may feel your emotions

It does it better than your boyfriend or girlfriend because dogs have learned to decipher human emotions. They recognize when their master is angry, sad and happy, and also react to it because they have great empathy for their individual.

That’s why we feel that when we’re sad, our dogs want to comfort us because they really want to! Only they can’t do it with words.

15/ Your dog adopts your routine

Dogs know how to recognize their owners and ask for their approval, and they spend much of the day together, so that they practically adapt their routine to that of the special human.

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