7 reasons why cats are much better than dogs

People are still arguing about who is the best, the cat or the dog. But as we know, the majority of people say they prefer dogs, while others prefer cats, and this for several reasons that depend on the personality of the person and other factors. But cats are actually more adorable than dogs, because of their cuteness, cleanliness, size and other wonderful aspects. Not to mention that cats were worshipped as gods in Egypt during the time of the pharaohs, which reveals the uniqueness of this animal.

Here is a list of 7 reasons why cats are better than dogs, which will make you completely change your mind and excite you, even if you have never raised one before.

1/ Cats are clean and smell good

Dogs rarely clean themselves and they often smell bad, not to mention the stinky droppings they left behind, which means that cleaning will be one of your daily habits, so try not to disgust yourself. Cats are quite the opposite, cats never smell bad, due to the nature of their body, and they almost never stop to clean and lick their whole body, which can be considered a daily bath routine. Cats are also so picky about where they live that if it is not clean, they do not think they will spend the night there.

2/ More affordable

To buy a pet, you need to think about the price. Cats are not so expensive compared to dogs, especially if you want to buy a kitten. Cats have less food and supplies, which will be a great choice if you intend to save money while having a pet inside the house.

3/ Not noisy

One of the problems with dogs is barking; perhaps with another dog or with a walker outside; maybe they just want your attention to scream with joy while playing. The worst cases may happen at night, when they start barking, which is very annoying, especially if you work early in the morning. It is rare to hear cats medling for something other than food, they are almost speechless, so you always hope to hear them. Plus, you can’t hear them while walking, running or even playing sometimes, making them a lot of people’s favorite pets.

4/ You don’t need to take them outside

Dogs love to go out to enjoy their time running and playing, which increases their endurance and happiness. If you don’t, they will be depressed and weak due to lack of muscle movement. In addition, they do not agree to start shouting and scratching throughout the house. With cats, you don’t have this problem, as they can just play, eat, run and roll around the house, or sleep in their box all day.

5/ They demand less attention

Whether you were sitting on the couch watching TV or lying on the bed relaxing until your cat jumped on you to make you sign to play, you must be lucky that day, as cats are isolated animals that like to be independent most of the time. Of course, they love to receive your care and attention, but they are not like dogs that, as soon as you get home, start jumping and licking you to give them time.

6/ They take up less space

Having dogs most of the time ends up making you share the bed and sofa with them, so having a personal space is sort of a dream, which is uncomfortable, besides the fact that they like to stretch and run everywhere. Cats only need a small box and you’re done. Even when they sit next to you on the couch, they take up a small space, leaving you free inside the house.

7/ Healthy for you

Owning a pet can make your life better, as they add like a life and positive energy inside the home. Scientifically, the purring of cats can have beneficial effects on humans, because comforting sounds can help heal bones, muscles and joints, the reason is that the frequency of vibrations has a proven positive effect on the human body.

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