9 Bizarre Behaviors of Cats You Need to Know

Sometimes cats behave strangely, leading you to wonder what they are trying to tell you or reach by using body language such as tail movement, covering your face, stealing your head with you or using sounds like snoring and meowing to get your attention. They want to introduce themselves and express their feelings, but you might ignore these unconscious gestures that can really upset them. Some behaviors can be weird and incomprehensible to you.

But here’s the strangest gesture your cat can do

1/ Hitting your head

Have you noticed that your cat is rubbing or banging his head with you? Simply, these cute creatures make this physical gesture to express their love for you or to tell you that you are my possession… Does that sound crazy to you? But it’s true, if your cats bang their heads against you, it’s better to pat them gently to show them your mutual love and interest.

2/ Show their buttocks

It’s a funny body language that your cats sometimes do with others or with you. But why? Raising their tails and presenting their buttocks is a sign of communication they make to express happiness, safety or a greeting that you can consider a hug or a kiss. So they are of course waiting for your reaction which will be to sniff their buttocks, but you can’t do that, only by scratching their heads or patting their bodies can be a great sign of exchanging emotions.

3/ Ride

Owning cats is really nice and upsetting, because the gestures they do are unique, causing question marks to spin over your head. Are your cats rolling? Of course they roll. Riding can be playing for you and having fun, but they express safety and happiness or perhaps they present that the place belongs to them by the smell they give off and leave. So make sure you give them your attention.

4/ Wink

Sometimes your cats sit next to you and wink at you in slow motion. Think of it as a kiss, which you must give back to them in order to maintain the strong bond between you and them. Wink can be a compliment to you, as a means of communication that you should not ignore at all.

5/ Chewing things

You sit in the house as usual or enter the kitchen, until you are surprised to see your cats trying to eat unhealthy things like a handkerchief, a box, a cardboard box or plastic bags. This action may be motivated by curiosity or affection, but eating these things is absolutely dangerous for them, which can lead to diseases and dental problems.

6/ Ignore You

Cats can sometimes ignore you, not because you have necessarily done something wrong, but they like to be isolated from time to time by instinctive nature. At this point, it is better not to disturb them, but to give them some space and allow them to be independent. Don’t worry after a while, they will come back to you as usual.

7/ Kneading the paws

Passing over a pillow or even on your stomach, telling you to knead with your front paws everywhere is just a remnant of childhood. They used to do this move to help release their mother’s milk. Adult cats like to do this to show their positive feelings such as relaxation, contentment and satisfaction.

8/ Cover the food

Cats love to eat, but you might find it strange that they cover the food. If they do, it’s just instinctive behavior in order to stay alive in nature, because they have to keep food for the next meal.

9/ Sleeping on your laptop

By working on your laptop or having fun, your cats seem to want to bother you, but that’s not true. If your cat jumps over your laptop, it’s because he wants to get attention and wants to be near you. So don’t push them back aggressively or you’ll ruin your relationship with them.

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