The 5 Best Books On Autism According To Experts And Parents Of Kids Who Suffer From Autism

Autism is a lifelong developmental disorder that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people. While there are not many known causes for autism, there is evidence that indicates it may be related to the environment. Some common traits of autism include an inability to develop relationships and an obsession with repetitive behaviors such as hand-flapping or rocking back and forth.

This post is about The 5 Best Books to read if you are looking for some Knowledge on life with autism.

As the demand, Jenna is becoming more of an authority on the topic due to her accumulated experiences. Through blogging, she shares knowledge that she has gained through research and reading. Other than her blog, Jenna sends out e-mails to around 700 parents every month with autism information.

5. Uniquely Human :

A groundbreaking book on autism, by one of the world’s leading experts, who portrays autism as a unique way of being human–this is “required reading….Breathtakingly simple and profoundly positive” (Chicago Tribune).

The focus of autism therapy is usually eliminating “autistic” symptoms such as issues with social interaction, difficulties in communication, sensory issues, and repetitive patterns of behavior. Today, it is the turn of Dr. Barry M. Prizant to propose a fresh and exciting model: the most effective strategies for autism do not aim at resolving a person’s issues by removing symptoms, but rather seek to understand what the individual is experiencing and the underlying causes of their behavior.

“A must-read for anyone touched by autism… Dr. Prizant’s Uniquely Human is a crucial step in promoting better understanding and a more humane approach” (Associated Press). Instead of defining “autistic” behaviors as signs of disease the author Dr. Prizant views them as part of a variety of strategies that can help you navigate the world that is overwhelming and chaotic. Instead of trying to curb this behavior instead, it is better to improve capabilities, strengthen strengths, and provide the support that can lead to improved behavior and more fulfilling life.

“A remarkable approach to autism ….A truly impactful, necessary book” (Kirkus Reviews Star-Rated Review), Uniquely Human offers the inspiration and practical guidance on Dr. Prizant’s career of four decades. It expresses deep appreciation for those who have autism and their unique strengths. It is full of compassion and understanding uniquely human “should reassure parents and caregivers of kids with autism and any other disability that their kids are not broken, but, indeed, special” (Booklist Starred review). Open the next page to continue reading:




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