Why do cats hate water?

It is well known that cats hate swimming or swimming in the water, as this can make them uncomfortable. They like to drink it like any other creature to survive, but why does water make them lose their heads and upset them if it touches their fur?

We all know that there are breeds that can splash in the water for swimming or swimming, such as Maine Coon, Turkish Van and Abyssin. In fact, they are very good at swimming thanks to their natural silhouette, which helps them a lot.

On the other hand, domestic cats naturally hate water for many reasons, which you may have already encountered by taking them for a swim or when they come into contact with water. So let’s explain below why these mysterious creatures can go crazy and unhappy by touching the water.

1 Water weighs a cat

It is obvious that the cat’s fur can be soaked and wet by water, as it is not water resistant. As a result, they become heavier than normal, and therefore have difficulty moving or walking, making them uncomfortable in this situation because of their weight.

2 Cold

After being wet with water, the cat’s temperature drops considerably, which can harm its health and make it sick, as the water can easily reach its skin and give it cold during bathing or swimming.

3 Cats can smell in water

Cats have a very developed sense of smell; they can detect all kinds of odors that we could not detect. In general, tap water has a special smell that cats can smell, especially kittens that are so sensitive to chemicals. So, wetting their fur with water can be an unpleasant experience for them.

4 Bad experience

Giving cats a bath at an early age can have negative consequences on their future lives, especially if it is a bad experience, which can lead them to hate showers or baths in general and forever. Also, the next time you give your cat a shower, don’t take too much time and make sure the water doesn’t get into his eyes or something like that that can be irritating.

Do cats need baths?
After reading this article, you may be wondering how to clean your cats, but this is not a major problem, because we will give you here some tips that you must follow in order to make them live a pleasant experience.

First, make sure you have a non-slip floor mat, specialized shampoo, towels and a brush. Second, make sure that water and shampoo are always protected from their eyes, and gently clean them with hot water, avoiding sudden movements, especially in the face. Third, cover the cat’s body with a clean towel inside a warm room, then gently wipe it to dry it. Then carefully clean her ears with a special cotton. Finally, never let your cat drink the bath water to avoid infections and diseases.

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